Your Wellness Journey: The First Time

Written by michellepsyd

June 29, 2021

A quick run down on what the very first session and earliest interactions with me will look like if we work together.

The First Session

  1. Complete online intake form
  2. Schedule a session
  3. Review Confidentiality Policies
  4. Discuss details from your intake form
    • Questions like “Who are you closest with in your family?
    • When was the first time you had your heart broken?
    • How will you know this (i.e. therapy) has been successful?
  5. We will explore and identify your therapy goals.
  • Decrease anxious feeling in social settings
  • Improve communication with family and friends
  • Develop healthy boundaries and effective coping mechanisms
  1. Then we will schedule the follow up session if you think we’re a good fit.
  2. I’ll complete your session note which remains vague for legal purposes.
  3. During my admin hours, I’ll run your session fee.

That’s it!

It always cracks me up when my new clients comment, “Wow, this wasn’t so scary!” And they’re right. Your therapist is an everyday-human who wishes to do good in the world. Personally, one of my talents is the genuine ability to listen and connect with your lived experiences. 

You are THE #1 EXPERT in your own life. You are the lead actor while your therapist is simply one of many supporting actors.

Logistically, I had to attend graduate school, earn a doctorate, train relentlessly, and go through a rigorous licensing process. Professionally, I have to complete yearly training to maintain my license. Personally, I try my best to stay supportive, empathetic, and open while I walk with you on your journey. However, no matter the qualifications and no matter the efforts, you are your greatest asset on your journey to self-growth, healing, and discovery. Do you feel ready to get started?

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